Patnet Registration

A Patent is a exclusive right garented to a person who has invented a new and usefull article or an improvement of an existing article or a new proccess of making article. The exclusive right is to manufacture the new article invented or manufacture an article according to the invented proccess for a limited period. During the term of the patend the owner of the patent. A patent is a form of industrial property, or as it is now called, an intellectual property. The owner can sell the whole or part of this property. He can also grant licences to others to use or exploit it.

Patent Registretion Services And Proccess

At the patent office it kept a register of patents in which the following entries are entered:
→  The name, addresses of grantees of patents.
→  Notifications of assingment and of transmissions of patents, of licences under patent,
      and of amendments, extension, and revocations of patents.
→  Particulars of such other matters affecting the valdity or proprietorship of patents as may
      be prescribed.

  • Patent And Copyright

    Copyright to be distinguished from patent. It may be possible for two person independently to produce the same invention. But the inventor who has first made an application for a patent will alone be protected and not the other. In copyright tyhe law is different. If the similarity or even identity is accidental, there is no infringement. If two people working independently using identical or similar information produce literary, musical or artistic works are very similar, each will have a copyright in this work. Thus the writer, composer, painter or sculptor creating copyright material need not fear the existence of pre-existing right which would threaten his copyright.