Trademark Registration

A trademark is typically a name, company, patent, word, logo, symbol, design, image, or a combination of these elements. Registration of mark where an application has been advertised as accepted and has not been opposed, or if opposed, the opposition has been decided in favour of the applicant, the mark will be regisrtered. if the application has been advertised before acceptance and not opposed, the Registrar, after the time for opposition has expired, will consider de novo Whether to accept the application or not; and if accepted, the mark will be registered. The fact of registration will be notified in the Journal.

  • Trademark Regisatration Services

    The registration services target applicants directly because patent, trademark and design applications are published a set time after filing or upon grant along with freely available information about a name and address for the applicant. Registration services use this information to send requests for payment to applicants shortly after publication. The documents are confusing as they appear to be from official governmental agencies and to be legitimate invoices.

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    We expertise in below mention trademark registration services:

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    • orange_file  Trademark Office India
    • orange_file  Trademark Classification
    • orange_file  Trademark Maintenance
    • orange_file  Trademark Infringement
    • orange_file  Trademark Protection
    • orange_file  Trademark Application
    • orange_file  Trademark Renewal
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    • orange_file  Trademark Office
    • orange_file  Trademark Search
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    • orange_file  Trademark Watch
    • orange_file  Trademark Lawyer
    • orange_file  Trademark Brand Protection
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